Sim-Only + Tardis Portal

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Insert a Tardis SIM in any router, tablet or smartphone to instantly access your data and calls on the Tardis Portal ☁️

The “platform-only” provision is our fully managed SIM-only offering, which is used by contractors + residential developers that have invested in router hardware, but are not able to view / manage their data ☁️

• Choose network (Vodafone, O2, EE, Three, Twilio)

 Unlimited data as standard 

 Daily + lifetime CDRs ⚡

• Add or take away T/ services anytime

• 247 in-house support

Free trial details 
• Buy free trial / receive unique link for platform access
• Trial lasts for 2 hours
• Order Tardis SIMs [for dongles / routers / tablets] / choose 30Gb or Unlimited Data and pick a network.

Our SIMs are agnostic and deployed in routers manufactured by Cisco Meraki, Cradlepoint, D-Link, Draytek, Huawei, IgniteNet, Mikrotik, Peplink / Pepwave, Proroute, Robustel, Sierra Wireless, Teltonika and TP-Link - all benefitting with data insights not seen before.

If you are a contractor / developer / IT company and are considering using managed SIMs for your site / sales offices or clients, our managed SIMs are the answer. 

The Tardis Portal is exclusive and platform-only clients include construction contractors like BAM, fibre carriers like Openreach and many IT companies across the UK and EU. Buy a Free Trial and ignite your connectivity experience.